The Danish culture is similar to storstedels, what is found in other european European countries.

Man celebrating birthday, confirmation and Shrove Tuesday. Danish humor and the concept of comfort are things which are perceived as sarligt Danish.

The Danish food is made up of traditional Danish food rugbrod and meatballs and foreign food like pizza, burger and kebab. The most common maltidsmonster comprising three hovedmaltider (breakfast, lunch and dinner), including dinner for most is the largest and most important maltid. The cold table, which is a composite tion of cold and hot dishes with bread typically served at hojtider, such as Christmas and PASKE. The Danes have at world the biggest or one of the greatest consumption of meat per. capita at over 100 kg a year the.

The first known composers from Denmark were Germans, CEF Weyse and Friedrich Kuhlau from the late 1700s onwards. Together with B.S. Ingemann and J.P.E. Hartmann, Niels W. Gade benchmark in Danish music in the 1800s. Nielsen from the early 1900s is the only internationally known Danish, classical composer. It was understanding in the 2000s, the Danish music made international bemarket. Pop groups like Aqua and Cartoons sings bathe in and outside Denmark, and certain Danish rock musicians singing on English. For other genres such as hip hop has the Mad Bag made out bemarket internationally.

Danish film has come to their international recognition, not least for its willingness to experiment. In 1995 developed Danish filminstruktorer a brand new filmart, Dogme 95, which challenged the rules movies and created great international opmarksomhed about Danish film. Cinema Production was on 18 films in 1975 and rose again to 41 films in 2005, this can whore that Danish films recognition in recent years has grown. Among famous filminstruktorer is Lars von Trier, Bille August, Thomas Vinterberg and Susanne Bier.

The first Danish literature dates back to 400 BC Later impairment of legends and folk tales known from 1100 - and 1200s. Part of the first Danish literature is also the Icelandic Sagas and Snorri Sturlasson which belonged to the Public Scandinavian literature at the time. Saxo Grammaticus from the 1100s is the first great Danish writer, although he wrote in Latin. A little known Danish literature from the Middle Ages in besides, but understand in the course of the nascent Enlightenment began on Danish literature in earnest with Ludvig Holberg still current comedies. As the hose must always allow for romance can navnes Johannes Ewald and Jens Baggesen. The best-known Dane is the author Hans Christian Andersen, who is known for his fairy tales such as The Little Mermaid and The Ugly shuttering.

The Danish architecture has its time back to the Vikings. It was more significant in the Middle Ages, when the first churches in the Romanesque and Gothic style originated in the country. Frederik 3 and Christian 4 was Dutch and Flemish designers to build storslaede royal castles and palaces in renassancestil. In his late reign, Christian 4 also introduce Baroque style, which was popular during a certain period. The neoclassical architecture came originally from France, but was slowly introduced by the Danes, who are increasingly expressing style. A productive period of Historicism eventually evolve into the National Romantic style. It was not until the 60s that the Danish architects made himself bemarket abroad with a style known as functionalism. It has developed what is known today as the Sydney Opera House and Storebaltsbroen.

Denmark has four world heritage: Jelling stones, Kronborg Castle, Roskilde Cathedral and Ilulissat Ice Fiord.

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